Cracked Thomson Seatpost

For some reason, the owner of this Thomson post wanted to keep riding on it. If you see a crack develop like this on your seatpost, you should replace it immediately, like I did when my Syncros post developed a crack. Otherwise something like this could happen.

Cracked Thomson Seatpost


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  • Orv
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    This is not an uncommon crack for a Thomson Elite. I have had the same thing happen and I cant say it was due to over tightening. I only seen them crack on the laser etched scale side and have never seen one crack on the opposite side. In my opinion the laser etching has caused a stress riser causing it to be the weakest link, design flaw.

    I noticed mine when it was approx. 1/4 to 3/8 inch with no separation as shown above. I simply stop drilled the crack at its end point with 1/16″ drill bit, filled in the hole with some filler like Bondo or you can use silicone then touched it up with a dab of black model paint.

    The cracked area of the Thomson has been under the close watch and checked pre and post ride. I have put and entire season on this post since the repair, I have not seen any more crack develop, nor have I had any structural failure.

    I am not here to say this is a cure for the common Thomson Elite Seat Post crack, however, it worked for me. Also I will say you should replace the post ASAP. If you decide to try to repair it I must advise that this is at own risk. You have to use risk management to determine if you feel comfortable in attempting this repair. Take into consideration the use/ride conditions, (mine was on a road bike) rider weight, how long the crack is and if your cheep like me and don’t want to shell out $100 bucks to replace it.

    the bottom line is “When In Doubt Swap It Out”

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