Cracked Syncros Seatpost

I had this post on my Ibis Mojo (the old steel hardtail from Sebastopol, not the new carbon full squish from China). Syncros wasn’t my favorite brand, especially after the stem breakages and recalls they had in the early 90s. And I knew that these posts were known to develop cracks. But there weren’t a lot of options in the 28.6 required by the Mojo. Anyway, mine started to crack shortly after I moved to Seattle and started riding the root-infested trails they have up here. And to be fair, my seat is slammed back pretty far. Still, I only weight 145… As soon as I saw the crack, I replaced the post with a cheap Kalloy Uno until I could score a Thomson.

Cracked Syncros Seatpost

broken Syncros seatpost


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