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Cracked Mavic MA3

I’ve ridden Mavic rims for over 25 years–G40s, MA40s, MA2s, GP4s–and this is the first one I’ve had an issue with. This rim came on the rear wheel of a wheelset I bought from Cambria for my commute bike (a Surly Cross Check). The wheels have 32 spokes laced 3x to Ultegra hubs. The straight gauge 14mm DT spokes wouldn’t be my first choice, but the complete wheelset was a lot cheaper than I could have built up myself. I probably had around 5,000 or 6,000 miles on these when I first noticed the cracks. Turns out the cracks around the eyelets are pretty common on these rims. I wouldn’t say the spoken tension was terribly high. Just a bad product from Mavic. This is the worst eyelet, but there are cracks starting around one a second one. I’ll probably rebuild it with an Open Pro or something like that. More pics after the jump!

Cracked Mavic MA3

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Broken Seat Post

Breaking your seatpost can be pretty dangerous. Looks like a Campy post? Via cyclingspokane

broken seatpost