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Carbon JRA Warranty Wheels

Broken Campagnolo Super Record Ultra Torque Crankset

This Campagnolo Super Record Ultra Torque crankset broke and fell apart while RoadBikeReview user Knakhemel was riding across some cobbles. Luckily he was able to release from the pedal at the same time and didn’t go down. Campy came through and replaced them with the new titanium version. Nice work Campy!

Broken Campagnolo Super Record Ultra Torque Crankset

Carbon Components JRA

Cracked Carbon Handlebars has a great collection of broken carbon stuff. Check out these Specialized bars that cracked while JRA. Bummer!

cracked carbon Specialized handlebars

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Carbon Forks JRA

Broken Steer Tube

It is nearly impossible not to crash after your steer tube breaks Just ask this guy. Luckily he didn’t get too badly hurt. Looks like a Specialized.

Frames JRA

Cracked Masi Vincere

This guy bought a new Masi in 2003, rode it for many happy miles. Then the chainstays started to develop cracks (both!). He went back to Masi to see if they would cover it under warranty. But he didn’t have his receipt, so they told him he was out of luck. And the moral of the story is…? Two more pics after the jump!

Broken Masi Vincere

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Components JRA

Cracked Hub on Rolf Wheel

Felix Wong has a nice little collection of broken bike parts. I liked this pic of the cracked hub on the Rolf wheel on his friend’s Kestrel. Two more pics after the jump!

cracked hub Rolf wheel

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Components JRA Road

Broken Seat Post

Breaking your seatpost can be pretty dangerous. Looks like a Campy post? Via cyclingspokane

broken seatpost